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DYBS UNIFORM DRIVE - Pitch in for Baseball & Softball
Before summer gets into full swing, don't forget to donate your jersey and hat or visor to the DYBS Uniform Drive.  We've teamed up with Pitch in For Baseball to help kids in need!

You should have received detailed instructions on the drive and the name of your Uniform Drive representative.   You can drop off your cleaned jersey and hat or visor with a one dollar donation to cover shipping to your team representative this week.   If you are not sure who your team representative is, please reply to this email with your name and child's team and league.

Detailed instructions on the Uniform Drive are posted in the HEADLINES section on the home page of www.DYBS.org 

Thank you so much for your support!

Baseball Coordinators - Amy Keating 655-8317 or Susan Mahony 656-2425
Softball Coordinators: Paula Nusslein 655-5987 or Patti Bumgardner 662-9792

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