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Uniforms and Equipment


Players are required to purchase / provide their own: 

  • Black softball pants
  • Softball cleats - rubber / molded cleat, not metal 
  • Fielding glove 
  • Fielder's mask 
  • Batting helmet - with face guard / cage 
  • Fastptich softball bat 
  • Batting gloves & sliding shorts - not required but recommended 




 Darien Little League will provide each player with a team jersey and pair of socks.    


*** Note that DLL Softball policy states that for player safety NO jewelry (including earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, or "taped over" earrings, etc.) may be worn during games and practices. ***


Catcher's gear will be provided by DLL. 


Fielding Glove

Ages 6 to 10 - Purchase the largest glove (11”-12”) that will fit the player’s hand and one she can control.  A soft leather glove is preferred over plastic or cloth.  Do not spend a large sum of money on a glove because the player will outgrow this smaller size.


Ages 11 to 14 - Purchase the largest glove (11½” to 12 ½”) that will fit the player’s hand and one she can control.  A quality soft leather glove is recommended because it is comfortable, easily controllable and less difficult to break in.


Fielder's Mask

Face masks are required for all positions.  


Batting Helmets

Purchase your own helmet.  Helmets must have a face guard / cage. 



Purchase your own inexpensive alloy fastpitch softball bat.  Avoid purchasing a bat that is too long or heavy.  Follow this simple rule of thumb – player should hold the bat by the handle, fully extended at arm’s length with the bat horizontal to the ground.  Rotate the wrist so that the bat moves like a windshield wiper.  If the player is unable to do this, then the bat is too heavy.  


Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are not required, however most players find them helpful in maintaining a good grip on the bat and lessening the sting from a batted ball.


Sliding Shorts

Sliding shorts are a spandex undershort with pads at the rear of the hips and upper thighs.  They are worn either under the uniform pants or shorts.  They are not mandatory but highly recommended, as they will eliminate “raspberry” type scrapes while allowing a player to learn sliding safely and without risk of injury.   Leg “sliding” pads are highly recommended for all Juniors and Major players.


If the player is going to practice at home, buy softballs similar to what she will be playing with during the season.  11” for the AAA, Minors, and 12" for Majors and Junior league players.  For lower leagues a 11" "softie" ball is used.  


Other Useful Practice Items

A batting tee will allow your daughter to practice most of the hitting drills that are taught in the clinics.  Batting tees are used in practice by most college softball teams to improve hitting mechanics.  A pitch-back, or anything similar, can help some players with throwing and fielding when practicing by herself.