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“The umpire’s is the final word, the absolute decision.  A good umpire knows the rules and has the ability to apply them in action and split-second judgment. Little League Manual


Since 1998, the Darien Little League has followed a comprehensive recruiting and training program for both student and adult umpires.  Its goal is to find people with leadership, character, judgment, and the ability to get along with young people.  DLL umpires officiate Major, Minor and AAA league games





A potential candidate can be male or female, in seventh grade or older and able to attend the mandatory training clinic (please consult the Key Dates page for date, time and location).



 DLL provides guidelines for the Umpire and assists him/her in familiarizing himself/herself with game situations.  All umpire candidates must participate in a mandatory clinic where instructional materials are furnished by DLL as well as the District Umpire Consultant.  Please consult the Key Dates page for date, time and location.


NOTE:  People wishing to apply for a paid umpire position should contact Colin Stauffer, DLL Umpire-in-Chief cstauffer@snet.net).

Patch Umpires
Patch Umpires are professional umpires, certified by an umpire association, hired to officiate DLL games. 
Scorekeeping is a volunteer position held by either adults or students in 7th grade or higher.  Knowledge of the game of baseball is essential.  Training is provided for those individuals who would like to volunteer for the position.
Baseball Major and Minor League

Volunteers use a comprehensive software program to manage scorekeeping and statistics throughout the season and into post-season tournament play.  These statistics are used in the player draft from year to year and determine the team standings for league championship playoffs.


Baseball AAA

Scorekeeping is maintained by assistant coaches and parents during each game with sign-offs at the end of the game.  Team standings are calculated from these scores for league championship playoffs.


Baseball AA League

Scores are informally kept on a per game basis but are not accumulated for the determination of league champions.


Tee Ball League

A League

No scoring