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Darien Babe Ruth

P.O. Box 2231 Darien, CT  06820


Website: www.dybs.org 


13 Year Old Commonly Asked Questions 


What can I do to help?

You can help even if you only have one hour a week.  Parents can be team coordinators, scorekeepers, car pool drivers, help with field preparation before (and after) games, host team get-togethers, and we especially need help at practices.  We are also looking for energetic people who would like to serve on the Board of Directors.


When does the season start?

Managers will schedule scrimmage games before the Spring Break. Regular season runs from late April through early June.  There will be one game each Saturday and Sunday, and one mid-week game; anticipate 14/15 games.


Are there minimum playing times in the regular season? 

Yes.  Each player will play a minimum of two consecutive innings on defense and get at least 1 at bat per game.  If a player does not reach the required minimums (game called on darkness, game called due to 10 run mercy rule etc.) that player must start the next game.


What are the limitations on use of pitchers?

Any pitcher pitching more than three innings MUST have at least two full days of rest before pitching again.  No one is permitted to pitch more than 7 innings in one week.  One pitch thrown constitutes one inning pitched.


How many games or practices per week?

Each team will have 3-4 scheduled activities (games or practices) per week. 


Who do we play against?

In the spring we compete in a league against teams from Fairfield, Trumbull, Wilton, Weston, Westport, New Canaan and any other Darien team(s) that may be in the same division.  In the fall we compete in a league against teams from Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk and other Darien teams.


Who umpires the games? 

Officially sanctioned professional umpires from the National Umpires Association (Patch Umpires) are assigned by a service select by Darien Babe Ruth.   Let us know if you are interested in becoming an umpire.


Where do we get directions?

Check  www.dybs.org . Directions to all travel game sites are on the website.


How do I keep on top of team schedule and information?

Games and practices will be posted on the website- www.dybs.org .  Last minute updates of schedule changes will be emailed and/or texted by the team manager.



What are player comportment expectations?

Players are expected to show up on-time for all team activities with a positive ‘team-first’ attitude  Players who are late, miss practices, fail to communicate with the coach, or who are disruptive influences will receive one warning from the coach.  Subsequent behavioral issues will impact your son’s playing time.  Continued unacceptable behavior will be brought to your attention and may result in suspension.  Serious problems and/or suspensions must be reported to the DBR President.


What kind of bat should we use?

Each team has been equipped with two bats.  Players are also encouraged to bring their own bat.   Babe Ruth has the following official bat-size policy:  The bat may not exceed 34” in length, and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 5/8” in diameter.  All aluminum/alloy barrel bats and all composite handle (only) aluminum/alloy barrels are allowed.  Only composite barrel bats certified and marked BBCOR .50 will be allowed.  Wood barrel bats conforming to the specifications of Official Baseball Rule 1.10 are allowed.  All FCIAC High School players are required to use a “-3” (weight no less than 3 oz. Lighter than bat length in inches).  Many youths attempt to swing the heaviest bat possible.  Since bat speed is key for hitting successfully, the use of a heavy bat can be detrimental.  We recommend gradually increasing bat weight, so a player entering High School can swing a 28/29 oz bat with ease.  

Most current information is posted here Babe Ruth League, Inc. Approved and Non-Compliant Bats  Click Here

What about Fall Ball?

Games will be played on weekends only and will commence after Labor Day and run through the end of October.  


What about winter training?

DBR will offer a training program for all Babe Ruth players via IST and DHS throughout the winter.  We encourage parents and players to check the website for updates on www.dybs.org.   We encourage every player to take advantage of the winter training, especially pitchers and catchers.